Friday, June 24, 2016

What's Your Marketing Pink Toilet?

Can you keep a secret?

I have a pink toilet in my bathroom. It’s kind of a unique focal point in our home that Beth and I wish wasn’t so unique.

However, I rarely think about it. I see it several times a day, but I’ve gone blind to it. As long as it … uh, works … it’s basically invisible.

Until recently.

I won’t go into graphic detail, but suffice to say it’s time.

Until now, I never realized how many decisions there are in choosing a toilet. (I’m sure the buying process will become fodder for many posts to come. So, stay tuned.)
I think we all have a pink toilet or two in our lives. Something we see everyday, but no longer really see.

In marketing, it may be your logo or your literature or your website.

Websites are common Pink Toilets. Design and technology changes so quickly that we often don’t realize how out-of-date our site it is and how poorly it reflects on our brand. As long as it … uh, works … it’s basically invisible. But it you wait until it stops working completely, you could be in for a big mess.

I’ve been helping a lot of clients with website redesigns lately. And because I do this every day, I know all the modern features that make websites more productive and improve search engine ranking (RWD, SSL, SSD, XML Sitemaps, etc.).

It may sound like alphabet soup to a new website prospect, but to many of my happy clients it spells almost daily prospect phone calls and emails.

Step back and take a look at your marketing. What’s working? What’s not?

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

How Do You Celebrate your Customers?

How Do You Celebrate Your Customers?

Do your customers feel unnoticed?

Customers are tired of just being satisfied. They want to be celebrated. They want to feel important. (Doesn't everyone feel a bit unappreciated?) And whether you’re in sales or marketing, aren’t your customers the most important thing to you?

How can you celebrate customers?

Starbucks knows how to make a customer feel special on their special day. They give them a free cup of birthday Java. Not just a small cup with a whole bunch of fine print strings attached. You can get ANYTHING. This guy in the video above (click image to view) is excited that he created the most expensive Starbucks drink at $47.30. But what he doesn’t say is it’s his birthday.

(Hmmm....Seems like I have a coffee theme going the last few weeks. I think I need to get a bit more sleep. Or maybe I just need a hobby or something! But I digress...)

You can celebrate a customer’s birthday, business anniversary, or any special day. Don’t have a database of special days?  Just create a Customer Celebration Day to show your appreciation.
If you’re in marketing, send them an email or mail them a birthday postcard with a discount or freebie.

If you’re in sales, email or a card is fine. Or better yet, give them a call. For your biggest customers send them a restaurant gift card or buy them lunch.

Or get more creative.  Want to see what we do?  Join my email list.

How do you celebrate your customers? 
  Email me and let me know.

 -- Phil Sasso 

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