Friday, November 05, 2010

Last Things First...

I've been at the AAEX / SEMA tradeshows this week. Attendance this year seemed strong. Hope if you exhibited that you had a great show.

After these shows every year I share the same basic tip. Hope it serves as a good reminder to not let all the hard work go to waste by leaving the job unfinished...

Returning from exhibiting at or attending a tradeshow or special event?

Use your first day back like it's your last day at the event.

Remember: It's easy to get swept away catching up and put off following up.

But what's more important? The day-to-day grind -- or reminding that hot prospect that you're one of the hundreds of exhibitors they saw last week at that big tradeshow?

CEIR studies show that the biggest mistake trade show exhibitors make is dropping the ball on follow-up.

Take a moment to jot a quick "thank you" note, send a catalog, or ship that sample you promised. Don't let your follow-up get fouled up by competing priorities. Set your priority on contacting the hottest prospects first and working your way down the list.

How do you know who's hottest? You should use a lead sheet that asks questions that will help you, like: When do you plan to buy? How many do you plan to buy? What other brands are you considering? (If you didn't use one at this event, make a note to use on at your next event.)

But try to avoid calling anyone you met at the trade show today. After all, they'll probably be as swamped catching up today, as you'll be -- tomorrow.

(This means please don't be offended if I don't take call you today -- be inspired.)