Monday, March 28, 2011

Bleeding Edge....

Marketing technology is moving at breakneck speed.

Take the mobile web. In the fourth quarter of 2010, smart phones outsold computers for the first time ever. Do you know what that means to you as a marketer? Chances are a competitor does.

And today using cutting-edge technology is not always bleeding-edge expensive.

For example: want to connect with smartphone toting prospects? You can build an app (expensive), create a mobile website (less expensive), text them (cheap - use code D342202 50 free units with, or use a QR code (free).

A QR Code (short for Quick Response) takes a smart phone to a website, video, or even places a call for them.

Let's try it. Scan the QR code below on your smart phone. It will take you to a quick three question survey. (Search for free QR code reader in your apps store. I use Red Laser on my iPhone. Red Laser also does UPC and EAN codes):

Don't have a smartphone. Or don't want to hassle with an app?

Go to (or which is free url shortening technology).

Takeaway: Is your marketing forward-thinking or looking backward?

Friday, March 11, 2011


Remember when I thought I cracked my tooth and had to schedule an emergency visit to my dentist?

It gets worse.

I'll spare you the grizzly details. The dentist is awesome, but suffice to say it was not a pleasant event. And the bill hurt even more. 

Procrastination is costly. 

In the same way it's costly in sales and marketing. It's best to consistently be advertising and prospecting and not put it off until your sales are withering.

I am often called to help a business when it's too late for me to do anything but the last rites. 

Marketing's magic takes time to work. I can't boost your Google ranking in a month. I can't build sales brand awareness in a week. I can't generate sales leads in a day.

Preventive medicine tends to have better outcomes than CPR. It's the same in marketing.

It would have been less painful if I'd gone to a professional as soon as I sensed the need with my tooth -- or even before that for a check-up.

And, unfortunately, the Tooth Fairy doesn't visit grown-ups...  

Takeaway: What have you been putting off? Ads? Website updates? Cold calls? Do it!