Friday, October 27, 2006

One Oar…..

A salesman approached me at a business luncheon I spoke at last
week to offer his unsolicited opinion on advertising and marketing.

"I don't need to advertise." he said. "I'm a good salesman. Good
salesmen don't need advertising."

I thanked him for his opinion.

"You're right. Good salesmen don't rely on advertising," I replied.

He smirked at his apparent victory.

"Great salesmen rely on advertising," I clarified. "That's what sets
them apart from the good ones."

Selling without marketing is a lot like trying to cross a lake in a
rowboatwith one oar. It's possible, but it's a lot harder than it needs
to be.

Sales and marketing work together like the two oars in a rowboat
propelling you forward. If you don't advertise, no one knows anything
about your brand or your unique products or services. If you don't
work at closing those sales by phone or in person, someone else will.

Think of advertising and sales as a kind of a one-two punch.

The ad generates interest. The salesperson closes the sale.

Take direct mail. You can generate a lot of leads with a good mailing
campaign. But you can increase your average transaction by taking
the time to personally talk to your prospect to up sell or cross sell

What's your weaker side? Sales or marketing? What can you do to
improve it?

- Phil Sasso

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