Thursday, October 05, 2006

Just Enough...

The Today Show interviewed Dr. Laura Nash about "Faith in the
Workplace". Nash is an expert on business ethics with Harvard
Business School. I heard her speak at a business ethics
conference, recently. At the reception, I asked why the business
world seems so off-balance. She said we lack "complex decision
making" skills. We don't know how to choose between
non-comparable goals. So we try to get it all -- losing much
along the way.

I just got Nash's new book "Just Enough - Tools for Creating
Success In Your Work And Life". I haven't read it, yet. But the basic
premise is that many high achievers are dissatisfied. They're frustrated
because something is missing. Often they believe they don't have
enough. Perhaps this is why we're witnessing so many corporate

My marketing point? Good marketing ethics is essentially good
marketing. The more honesty and integrity you build into your
marketing efforts, the more successful they'll be -- both in terms of
finances and fulfillment. Forsaking long-term return for short-term
profits is a bad approach. Abandoning goodwill for greed will
eventually poison sales. Perhaps the answer is bringing our Weekend
Faith with us to the Workplace.

Want more thoughts on marketing ethics? Visit this link on the
American Marketing Association website:

Otherwise, I hope I've said just enough.

-- Phil Sasso

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