Thursday, June 07, 2007

Brand Aware...

"Look there's another one the same color," Beth said. "Are more people driving the same van? Or is it just me?"

"There aren't really more of them," I replied. "You're just more aware of them. That's because we just got one."

"I never noticed another van this color before," said Beth. "But the more I see other ones, the more it feels like we chose the right one."

"Yeah," I replied a little snarkily. "After all, color is the most important reason to choose a vehicle."

Our new van reminded me of a psychological phenomenon called "Heighten Awareness." It's a sense of greater awareness to something, usually an object or word, because of multiple emotional exposure to it. The marketing angle on this is used in branding. Multiple exposures to a brand message over time will make you more likely to have a heightened awareness of that brand.

The point is the more often prospects see your brand name, the more likely they are to be predisposed to consider your brand when they make a buying decision, I oversimplify, but think about how you are subtly influenced by brand exposure. Actually, you might not be aware of it since the process is mostly subconscious!

Stay tuned for next week's tip about our new van: buyer's remorse...

- Phil Sasso

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